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"Dean is always on time, polite, and thorough. I trust him to take care of my home."

​ C. Gibson, Belleview

"I live on Lake Weir and recently had some wind damage from a storm. Three metal fascia pieces blew off." Dean replaced them quickly with upgraded fasteners that would not pull out again. He went ahead and re-did all of the fasteners around the house so that I would not have this problem again. Everything was done in less than an hour! Very happy!"

​ A. Privett, East Lake Weir

"I wanted some decorative shelves for my entryway so that I could put some art on display." Dean built a beautiful set of custom built-in shelves. He hand brushed them with oil based paint for durability and gloss. I love them!"

L. Bergen, The Villages

"I have a home on AirBnB that was built in 1912 and was fully restored a few years ago. I wanted period looking wooden door stops and Dean found them for me!" They look perfect. He also did some interior painting that looks amazing! He helps me with several small repairs every year. Always reliable."

K. Joys, Gainesville

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